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A Touch Of Bling!!

The badge is often the final visual touch on a bike and makes the first, most impactful impression. Like a piece of jewelry, a well-designed badge says something about both the maker and the owner. It ties the entire bike together, imbuing it with a little sexuality and soul.

A Touch Of Bling!!

Bling Bling is a high-powered metallic created with the application of heat-transferred foil, resulting in a shimmery brilliance. Its heavy pebbled texture adds a touch of pizzazz. Bling Bling is supplied in half-hides. Average Hide Size: 25 square feet

A number of branded tops appeal to a variety of tastes from the wine crowd to the biker gals in the community. And of course, as one would imagine, the tops, along with a lot of the other clothing in the store, is dripping with bling.

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