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In fact, the two things often go hand in hand. But teenagers can pose problems in all sorts of ways, many of which owners feel unable to deal with. In many ways, that combination of puppyish play behaviours in a big dog body as your dog works its way through the full repertoire of canine behaviours can be a very testing time indeed.

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Once you start to see that the biting is part of a puzzle, and that the picture that the pieces make up is just an over-aroused dog, then it makes it a lot easier to devise a strategy to help your dog get through its teen years without ending up in a shelter or being put to sleep because that mouthing gets more and more insistent.

If you just have a common-or-garden over-aroused teenage dog, there are three things you really, really need to do to make a difference. That involves the right balance of mental and physical stimulation, teach focus and impulse control to help your dog manage their emotions and introduce a basic calming protocol to lower arousal.

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Indeed, a study by Horowitz and Graf (2019) showed that teens between the ages of 13 and 17 experienced anxiety as a major issue and reported struggling with it frequently. This was true regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status. While research has shown that gender and income can mitigate stress to some degree, most teens still report feeling great pressure. The primary sources of this stress are academic performance demands, insecurity about physical appearance, pressure for social acceptance, and the demands of participating in numerous extracurricular activities (Horowitz & Graf, 2019).

When teens express excessive or persistent worries or fears that are above and beyond what would be expected for their developmental age and stage, a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder may be warranted. Which diagnosis, however, depends on their specific symptoms.

Teaching your teen to pause before responding to his or her anxious thoughts can be helpful. This momentary pause allows for a shift in attention, changing the focus onto that which is calming rather than disturbing.

Additionally, marijuana use can pose significant dangers for drivers, especially when combined with alcohol. There is still a number of teens and adults who smoke marijuana while driving or combine it with alcohol.

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