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WINDOWS 10 SUPERLITE COMPACT [GAMING EDITION] 1909 [19H2] X64 ? Ghost Spectre Fixed

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The installation of Ghost Spectre on Windows 11 was pretty straight forward, but as you know, we like to tweek, tweak and customize the OS, so we opted to install the operating system on a secondary drive. For that we just need to boot into the BIOS and enter the boot mode. Once there, we will have to check our existing boot settings and change the boot order. By this we will be able to boot the secondary drive as default.

After installing the operating system we can now customize it to our liking. This includes, changing the wallpaper, Start Menu name, themes, fonts, icons and much more. The Ghost Spectre Superlite Installation is free.

Ghost Spectre is a new windows 9 build most (if not all) software compatibility with Win10, you don't need to pay anyone and can install any software you want. that included all popular software such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Flash and all modern apps.

***Features:*Fast boot up*Minimalist user interface*Compact, Configurable*Seamless integration with smartphone and PC*High performance games and video*Uncompromising security and privacy*All modern features and all Windows 10.*Start with Windows and stay with Windows, upgraded only if needed*Switch and return easily*Keep all your files, music, photos, videos, apps and games*Supported by Microsoft and more*Coming soon, more features to come

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